Dear children, parents and visitors,

Welcome to Hackenberg Primary School Internet homepage!

We are a state primary school in Remscheid, Bergischen Land (NRW). To be more exact we belong to a part of Remscheid called Lennep, with a lovely, small old town centre.

Our idea of school is a lively community in which children, teachers and everyone who belongs to it feel comfortable, so much so that learning is great fun

We believe that children only learn well when they feel respected. That means they are accepted with all their strengths and weaknesses. They experience a sense of value, protection, praise and recognition and of course clear rules and boundaries. In such an environment effective learning can take place.

We want every child to learn as much as possible according to his/her potential and possibilities at any time, slow learners as well as highly talented children. No more and no less! For that reason we feel that self-responsible and individual learning is the right way.

We are an open school, inwardly open for a high level of commitment and cooperation and outwardly open for a developing society with changing demands on families and jobs and consequently on school, too.

If you want to know which points of focus have developed over the years in our school work you can find an overview in the menu under 
Schulprofil and more details on many further pages.

The afternoon care which takes place in five groups after lessons are over is pedagogically and didactically closely connected to the morning lessons. The rooms here are also as nicely arranged and decorated as the classrooms, the whole school building and the large outdoor area which offers many possibilities for games and sport.

By the way- we received great feedback to our work from our education authority. On 7.5.2007  our school was awarded the stamp ‘ individual learning ‘ by the school minister Ms Sommer!
30 schools from all education levels were honoured with this title.- there are more than 6000 schools in NRW.

Has this made you curious? We would be pleased if you are interested in finding out more!